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Søren – Kingdom / Other updates

It’s been a really bad last half of the year. I was forced to move out sort of suddenly from my house (I was planning on leaving in Feb/Mar but shit happens, don’t want to talk about it), my dog died, blah blah blah. This has been in the works for almost a year now but shit happens, things get backed up, bills happens, laptops die/get held up in repair, phones shut off randomly, some weeks you work 70 hours because of deadlines, whatever. Anyways, this is a co-release with Mourning Records and they are a sick band from Long Island. 10/10 would recommend.

Soren exclusive /25
Skinpack exclusive /75

I have some tapes I need to get orders out soon, I’ve had them since last summer but if you’ve followed me on any social media, my best friend (dog) was incredibly sick this summer and died a few days after my birthday and I was in such a bad place for a while. My whole fucking role model is Nolan, who ran Plastic Smile Records/Off Cloud Nine in some of my favorite screamo bands (Ixwontxstopxwondering, flowers in gun barrels, celestial being(!!!!)) and I got these sick tapes for a project he has – Kind Of Like Paris – sorta a lofi thing. Not screamo, but still really sick. I am actually really happy he asked me to be a part of this, I just wish I had gotten this out in time.

Also this show is happening in Charleston next week that I’m 85% sure I’m going to be able to get off work to go to. Soundaltar is a good friend of mine that makes sick noise music, and I don’t even have to introduce to forget or frail body.

Anyways, long ass post, but pre-orders for my variant of Soren will be up tonight or tomorrow (currently pending on how late/fast I can do some stuff from work because it’s probably a 60-70 hour week this week), I am finally going to get those tapes up.

I might as well post this here too but I am releasing a wonderful 10″ from a screamo band in New Zealand. It was supposed to be paid for and such by late august/october but my vet bills were so massive, and then I had to move suddenly last month and my bonus + what I saved up was going to get this out of storage but that didn’t fucking happen (landlords are gonna get the guillotine in a revolution so). Anyways – Happy Valley. Check em out. FFO Off Minor and Funeral Diner. SO fucking sick. They are gonna be touring with another cool NZ screamo band soon. Follow em on social media!!

And last but not least, Noisy Sins Of The Insect. This release has gone through SO many hoops. It’s being held up for similar financial reasons and I really feel fucking shitty about it. I want to get this beautiful remastered work out. I have some hand burned CDS for it with a cool paper packaging but I don’t think it’s good enough to release like that so what I am probably going to do is get some real cds pressed first, then the vinyl will come out hopefully this year.

I didn’t get to donate my money to JASMYN yet because I didn’t sell out of the stuff, but I’m just going to go ahead and donate it soon without it because the money is just sitting in a savings account at this point.

Life sucks, but sometimes it doesn’t. Here is to a 2020 that is full of positive mental states, depression and self harm to a minimum and full of music. Thanks for reading this if you did. I know I type in essays sometimes and it’s annoying and hard to read but whatever. Most of my life is in a box right now and it’s been such a slow process of unpacking because of work and stuff.

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We Are All Condemed To Be Free out now!

Orders are up now! It’s been almost a year in the making, but it’s finally out!

CD is available through Shirley Road Records (facebook, bandcamp, instagram)

I’ll be priority-mailing To Forget some copies tomorrow (or Saturday), and you’ll also be able to get stuff from them (and a record store Nate works at – I’ll update this post when I get those details!)

Like To Forget on Facebook and follow them Instagram – and like Skinpack on Facebook and follow on Instagram as well! There is going to be a weekend tour April 4-April 7, and I’ll post them when all events are up. There will be a special variant for these shows, with a special screen printed cover!

S/O to To Forget for giving me a chance and being just as stoked as me to putting this out.

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To Forget – We Are All Condemned to Be Free

Hey guys! So, SP-002 (first SPR release to go out, but second project) is going to be released on March 8th. There are going to be three varients: /225 Lavender, /250 Black, /25 Clear (record release show exclusive with special cover). The record release show is going to be in April in Charleston, SC.

Facebook event:

Facebook page for To Forget:


Hope to see everyone at the show <3