Kind of Like Paris – Soft Landing EP


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I’ve had these tapes since July but I’m finally putting up the order, but last summer was a nightmare for me. I’m mad I didn’t get this out in a timely manner, but here it is!

Soft Landing is an amazing EP by Nolan (ex-Flowers In Gun Barrels, I wont stop wondering until you stop breathing, celestial being, the truth about dreaming, etc) that isn’t anything like his other stuff. It’s an almost, dreamy lo-fi sound. I’m not good at describing anything but just listen here. I’ve been following Nolan’s stuff for YEARS and I don’t know if I’d ever be half as creative as he has with his tapes/designs/etc and I’m really fucking honored to have been in a part of releasing this tape.

This is /47 on yellow.

It was originally supposed to be on two different colors and /50 but there was a mix-up and a few tapes were damaged on arrival from the plant.

Dubbed at the Audio Geography by the wonderful Tyler. Side note, go listen to his band Night Witch and see them if you get a chance. So fucking incredible.

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